After being first hired as a contractor, I moved to Detroit to become employee #9 at StockX and helped establish many things for the company.


StockX is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of goods in an anonymous and ‘commodity-like’ way that mimics the traditional stock exchanges of the world. When I began at StockX, there was little more than the basics of the first variation of the app that had launched while I was a contractor. My experience in the footwear business, and the subsequent network I can bring to the table, made being a part of this business a no-brainer. Although, in hindsight the things I took away from it were much different than I had expected.

When the company was just getting started, the team would meet with Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and founder of Quicken Loans, among many other things, and sitting just outside of his office gave me a close look at his practices. The appeal for me was to understand how things worked for someone who had reached such astronomical levels of financial success.

My work at StockX included ‘everything that has words’ as former CEO Josh Luber would put it, along with everything social media, SEO, email marketing, phootgraphy, content strategy, and then some before we eventually hired more people to take on some of the work a year and a half into my time in Detroit.


The most unexpected takeaway from my time at StockX is that having all the money you could imagine to make a business successful is not necessarily a good thing. While StockX is by all measures successful, there are competitors in the marketplace that run much more efficiently because they had to have a plan to make their funding work. The calculated approach to doing business has become much more important to me after this experience. Both ways can be winning formulas, it just made it clear which approach is best for me.

Although for the first 18 months of working for StockX proved to myself that I can really push myself beyond what I think I am capable of, it also made me appreciate the hiring process that comes with growing a business from 9 employees when I started, to 300+ when I moved from a traditional full-time role to a consultant role with the company.

In short, I look at hiring people as if we’re all going to be riding on the bus together to get to our destination. It doesn’t matter if you know exactly where people are supposed to be seated on the bus, as long as you don’t have the wrong people on the bus. The wrong people are the ones that distract from the journey or make the ride unenjoyable for others.



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    Content Strategy, SEO, Public Relations, Email Marketing, Photography