In 2019, I worked with Knockaround to connect the brand with sneaker enthusiasts through custom sunglasses.


Knockaround’s brand story has direct ties to sneakers, as the founder’s father used to call his lawnmowing sneakers, ‘knockarounds’. The simple fact that the shoes were inexpensive and durable, earned his respect for being so reliable. The same can be said for Knockaround’s sunglasses. This story inspired me to want to work with the brand to help introduce their product line to the sneaker community.

I created custom colors of the company’s sunglasses that aligned with culturally relevant stories in sneaker culture. Through some creative photography and editorial content for their blog and email subscribers, we were able to connect the dots between two worlds that were not naturally a part of the same conversation. However, the target consumer for the brand responded even better than we expected.


I learned that not everyone can see the story that is right in front of them not because they aren’t capable, moreso because working in a business sometimes makes it difficult to remove yourself from it enough to take a look at the big picture. Knockaround has been in business for 15 years, and the origin story of the brand has been told a handful of times but never through the lense of the sneaker community. Sometimes it’s good to be able to have an outsider’s perspective on things to give a new angle to reaching customers.

In addition to the storytelling, we were able to send out custom sunglasses to dozens of sneakerheads. In most cases, I was able to create colorways that matched the favorite shoes of the sneaker enthusiasts, which added a personal touch that few others could have provided.

One of my favorite projects from the partnership was parterning with Ash Lewin to create unique artwork that tied the nostalgia of sneakers from the ’80s and ’90s into a story for the Knockaround Journal.



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