While working for Sole Collector magazine from 2009-2011, I led the project of creating the first-of-its-kind editorial-style blog for a footwear retailer, the Eastbay Blog.


It’s crazy to think that just 10 years ago, blogs were still new to the corporate world. I had maintained some sort of personal blog since the late ’90s, although I never called it that until Blogspot came along. The years of fighting to develop sites on Netscape, Geocities, and Microsoft’s FrontPage, turned out for the best when blogs became the driving force in the footwear business.

While working as an Editor at Sole Collector magazine, I had the opportunity to work as a project manager and brand liaison for the company’s partnership with Eastbay. The project kind of fell into my lap because most of the team at SC had no desire to travel to Wausau, Wisconsin.

As someone who grew up with multiple ‘subscriptions’ to the Eastbay Catalog, this was really an opportunity there was no way I was going to pass up. Once I took on the project and made the trip to Eastbay HQ in Wausau, I quickly realized from the -23 degree weather why nobody else was as eager as I was to take on the project.


This project was my first introduction to the traditional corporate hierarchy that slows down the decision-making process for many businesses. Working for a magazine that (at the time) was the leading voice in the sneaker community, and one of the most active forums for people to connect with like-minded sneaker enthusiasts, I was used to a fast pace and making many of my own decisions. Eastbay, like many other big businesses at the time, was not quite ready for the pace at which sneaker and sports-related content moved during this time.

The challenges I experienced made me a better manager, by recognizing that I needed to trust that people need to be able to make decisions and move forward with their work without the ‘check with the boss’ that trips up so many companies. I also learned how to navigate the hierarchy in a respectful way in order to get my work done. That experience has been invaluable in my career as a consultant trying to work alongside businesses.

This was also an important experience in helping me understand how to integrate sales-driven content, branded content, and editorial content into one collective content strategy.



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