I am an entrepreneur and love the excitement of new ventures and growing businesses. Sharing my passions in life, and hearing about other people’s passions are some of my favorite things to do and I credit it to hepling me become successful in many of my endeavors.

I am a people person and I have a knack for connecting with people of all ages. Going after your dreams and goals is what we are all here for, igniting that in people is what I do.

Nick EngvallPreviously I have worked for both small businesses and major corporations alike. My career path has led me through positions in marketing, business planning, sales, management and a wide variety of content creation and ideation positions. I’ve worked at a number of companies during the development of a new location, new direction, or new venture. Brainstorming, finding a successful direction to take as the next step is one of my favorite things about working with young, or reorganizing companies.

Some companies I’ve worked with:

  • adidas Group
  • AT&T
  • Complex Media
  • Eastbay
  • Finish Line Inc.
  • Foot Locker Inc.
  • Shout Public Relations
  • Sole Collector Magazine

A few things that I healthily (most of the time) obsess over:

People, Music, Networking, Cars, Shoes, Writing, Baseball, Basketball, Business, Sour Patch Kids, Coffee, The Ocean.

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    You’re pretty inspirational Nick! Not to mention good-lookin’ too! Thanks for reminding me that there are SOME good guys left in this “homogeneous” world ;D
    I won’t ever forget you…..

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