Do You Pick Up Coins From The Ground?

December 17, 2022
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December 17, 2022 Nick Engvall

Do You Pick Up Coins From The Ground?

Isn’t it weird that we say that money has a certain value but some people wouldn’t even stop to pick up coin on the ground? I saw this debate on Twitter a while back and as I was walking Mika today I found this nickel on the ground.

In short, most of the arguments against picking up change from the ground said it was because it’s dirty. Isn’t money ALWAYS dirty? I wash my hands so often that they are always dried out, so for me, picking up change is something I do, have done, and will likely always do.

I get the idea, but for me I’d rather just pick them up, throw them in the jar with others, and wag my hands. Anyways, short post because I’m in the process of loading and driving a uhaul truck for a few hundred miles.

I appreciate you for reading my blog. ✌️+ ❤️ + 🌯

I found this nickel.
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