It Only Took A Month…

February 10, 2020
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February 10, 2020 Nick Engvall

It Only Took A Month…

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new laptop. Being the dummy that I am, I forgot the password I initially set up for it. Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I had trips to Portland and Las Vegas, which meant that in order to keep up on my daily blog posts, I would have to be working remotely.

Clearly, that didn’t happen. I was locked out of my MacBook. I took it into an Apple store in Las Vegas and reset the password, or so I thought. When I got back to my hotel room, I ran into the same problem that I had before. For some reason the new password didn’t “stick” and I was still unable to use the laptop.

This weekend, I gave up on saving the data that was on there and wiped it completely clean again. All that to say, my goal of posting daily for the entire year, didn’t happen. It only took a month for me to fall off of my goal. Nevertheless, I’ll be updating the blog on a daily basis again starting tomorrow. And when I can find the time, I’ll be filling in posts for the days that I missed so I can get 365 posts up this year.

Lesson learned: Things don’t always go as planned, but you can’t let it stop you. You just gotta keep it moving.

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