Cycling Through Treetops

January 23, 2020
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January 23, 2020 Nick Engvall

Cycling Through Treetops

After I wrote about cycling through water yesterday, I did some digging into the design firm that created the experiential bike path in Belgium and discovered they also created the ‘Cycling Through Treetops’ experience in Belgium. It might be even more impressive. I can’t express how much I love seeing people push the boundaries of the traditional thought process. Imagine sitting in the room and hearing everyone dismiss the idea of creating this raised bike path in the middle of the forest. Then, seeing the project come to life and the subsequent disbelief on the face of all those who ridiculed the concept. I’d like to think it was welcomed with open arms but in my experience working with governments (or big businesses for that matter), doing something this beautiful and inspiring was probably a challenging sell. Also, check out the bike racks made of logs in the video. Genius.

Nature, man. You gotta love it. Also, we’ve gotta do a better job of being one with it and stop destroying it all thinking that we don’t have to worry about it. This is a perfect example of how we can make something enjoyable that doesn’t flatten a forest or fill in a bunch of perfectly good space with a bunch of concrete. I digress.

Check out this amazing video below of the cycling through treetops in Bosland, Belgium.



Read more on the BUROlandschap design firm.

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