A Different Pair of Sneakers Every Day – How Long Can I Go Without Repeating?

January 4, 2020
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January 4, 2020 Nick Engvall

A Different Pair of Sneakers Every Day – How Long Can I Go Without Repeating?

Sneakers have become one of the most important things in my life. When I was young, I obsessed over them because I couldn’t get them and I thought they made other kids cool. I quickly realized growing up that it is never the sneakers that make a person cool, no matter how much Nike says ‘It’s gotta be the shoes‘ or Reebok says to ‘Pump up and Air out‘. That said, my obsession for sneakers that began with drawing concepts with my brothers over 3 decades ago, has turned into something that provides me a way to make a living now, so the significance of them in my life has become important on a much different level.

I’ve always been a proponent of wearing your kicks and with a few exceptions, I’ve worn a vast majority of my collection. However, as I’ve amassed more and more sneakers over the years, it’s impossible to wear each and every one of them. Since about 2010, I’ve always wanted to wear a different pair of sneakers every day without repeating the same pair. It kind of reminds me of the stories I would hear as a kid about Michael Jordan getting a brand new pair of Air Jordans for each and every game he played in. This year I am going to do it! While I do plan to publish a new blog post every single day this year, I don’t plan on blogging much about sneakers here. You can find my writing on Sneaker History for that, and of course on our podcast.

I’ll be posting the different pair of sneakers every day on a Twitter thread. Check it out and let me know which pairs you like or don’t like, and feel free to share with me what you’re rocking. 🤙


Nick Engvall

Nick Engvall is a sneaker enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the footwear business. He has written for publications such as Complex, Sole Collector, and Sneaker News, helped companies like Eastbay, Finish Line, Foot Locker, StockX, and Stadium Goods better connect with their consumers, has an addiction to burritos and Sour Patch Kids, and owns way too many shoes for his own good.
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