Weekly Overdose: Sneaker Industry Stories Worth Reading

February 3, 2014
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February 3, 2014 Nick Engvall

Weekly Overdose: Sneaker Industry Stories Worth Reading

Every week I tend to compile of “I’ll read this later” tabs in my browser. Sometimes I take the time to read things, other times, it just gets lost in the mix of content on the web. Consuming information is a huge part of everyone’s life now, thanks to the internet allowing anyone with a slight amount of intelligence a platform to troll type. Even with billions of people putting things on the internet every day, those that take the time to talk about something in an intriguing way, can become very successful. The biggest struggle for me is finding the time to actually create content. When it’s your job, disconnecting is what you look forward to, no matter how much you enjoy what you do.

Rather than try to write something in response to all the things in my Google Chrome tabs waiting patiently for my consumption, I figured I’d start sharing them on a weekly basis. Perhaps it will help me read them after I’ve forgotten, who knows. But, I’m calling it the Weekly Overdose and kicking it off with this week’s sneaker stories worth reading that I may or may have not read. Also, this is based on what I am reading, not what’s new, so some of the stories may be old news to you.

  • CamplessAre Sneakers More Like Stocks or Drugs? – Great question. Popular belief is they’re an investment, but of all the sneakers I’ve bought, not many have increased in value. And on top of that, sometimes I just can’t say no, no matter how hard I try. More drugs please.
  • Seeking Alpha – Finish Line: Does The Pullback Provide A Nice Entry Point? – This is a great article about the business of sneakers and Finish Line (Disclaimer: my current employer). There are some harsh criticisms here, as I would expect from an investor. There is also some truths. I’ll let you decide which is one or the other.
  • New York TimesA Huge NBA Rivalry: Sneaker Collections – I’m always fascinated by the way people outside of the sneaker business create editorial content. I suppose if I started to write about crocheting, my work would be just as entertaining for people in that business, too.
  • Finish LineJordans Within Reach – I won’t normally be posting content that I am involved in creating on this weekly series but I think Brett Golliff did a great job of asking a very relevant question about the future of Air Jordans. His comparison to an Eames Lounge Chair is on point and the number of retro Jordans releasing is becoming impossible to keep up with.
  • Sports One SourceUnder Armour Reports 35% Q4 Growth – I am more than excited to see UA grow into a fierce competitor of Nike. Not because I don’t like Nike. I grew up wishing I could get Nikes, it will always be an important company to me because of the memories I have that are tied to their products and marketing. What I think the sneaker industry needs is competition. UA is the only brand in the business of footwear that has potential to be competitive with Nike. 15 straight quarters with 20% or higher total growth. That’s impressive in any industry.Under Armour Income Analysis
  • Mad MoneyFinish Line CEO on the Strength of Sneakers – From Lululemon stock crashing to other difficulties in retail, to the hit or miss business of sneakers. Good info. Including nearly 70% of Finish Line’s business coming from Nike.

Let me know what you think of the stories above and feel free to leave any you think I should read in the comments below. I’d be happy to check them out.



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