Life of a Blogger

December 31, 2013
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December 31, 2013 Nick Engvall

Life of a Blogger

I created my first website back in 1998 while I was in college. The term “blog” or “blogger” didn’t exist back then. Neither did WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter or Pinterest. In fact, the Internet has changed drastically in the way we create content and consume information but what I’ve come to realize, is that, contrary to Drake’s beliefs, everything is the same. The platform and styles may have changed dozens of times in my life as a blogger, but whether it’s Geocities or Facebook, whether it’s 140 characters or a couple of thousand words, the Internet provides me a place to empty the random thoughts in my head.

I recently took on a new challenge in my “real job” career as the Digital Content Manager for Finish Line. It’s been just a few weeks and it’s really a pretty amazing job but the funny thing about my “career,” is that it takes me away from actually writing on my own blog. In my year and some change working for Complex, I was able to turn out an incredible 6 posts on my blog. Though I think I am most proud of my accomplishments professionally during that time as it was incredibly successful, it most definitely took me away from writing for the pure joy of expression.

I’ve essentially become a professional blogger (or rather been one for a long while) and it fits me in more ways than just the 3 am random ramblings. And despite the lack of consistency on this blog, creating content is something I am incredibly passionate about.

This year, the one that starts in a matter of hours, is going to be different. I’m setting aside time to do things that help keep me sane, healthier, and opening myself up to relationships that I never gave a real chance to over the past few years. But most of all, I’m going to carve out a little niche that is completely weird and random on the Internet, in the form of this blog. As my good friend Miles would say, #lifeofablogger.

Jesus Says My Blog Is Awesome


Nick Engvall

Nick Engvall is a sneaker enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the footwear business. He has written for publications such as Complex, Sole Collector, and Sneaker News, helped companies like Eastbay, Finish Line, Foot Locker, StockX, and Stadium Goods better connect with their consumers, has an addiction to burritos and Sour Patch Kids, and owns way too many shoes for his own good.

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