May 22, 2012 Nick Engvall

(Poorly) Hidden Heart

Heart so pure no mask could hide, the broken heart behind the painted eyes, feathers falling, wings broken from a past so troubled, she wears a disguise.

Hiding perfect imperfections, indelible marks on the soul, the beautiful transparency of scars that have taken their toll.

Armor that cannot be pierced, not even with words of love, pain that suffocates trust, fear becomes the only, indicative of.

Still love is the only emotion to feel, wrapped in my arms, learn to heal. Listen to the truth sang by the birds on the window seal.

No need to fear the future starting today, leave your armour at the door, hand in hand, we’ll discover a new way.

(Gonna need to add a few verses to this still)

Nick Engvall

Student of Life.

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