Between the Tweets

May 6, 2012 Nick Engvall

Between the Tweets

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I follow a lot of people on Twitter and filtering through the negativity to find something positive can be quite challenging at times. Not that the people I follow are bad in any way, it’s just a form of venting and I can understand that. We all have our bad days but it seems that digital courage gives people an overwhelming need to be negative. Rather than just ignore the things that bother them, it seems Twitter has become the favorite dumping ground for a bad day, a chip on the shoulder, or a weakness in the armor of ego.

No matter what, I seem to find that @Zen_Moments, seems to have great quotes, inspiration and an overall general vibe. Good enough that I decided to create a blog post suggesting to follow them, and you can see how challenging a blog post is for me at times.

Nick Engvall

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