January 2, 2012 Nick Engvall

Google Engineering Headquarters (London) by Penson

I have an unhealthy obsession for office space. Odd for someone who has spent most of my life trying to free myself from any ties to an “office” that doesn’t come with a handful of baristas and a lot of foot traffic. I’ll be creating an office space of some kind this year and I hope it will be as cool as the Star Wars inspired Google London Headquarters…

PENSON “Strike 1” for Google Engineering HQ London

One of the world’s most up & coming architecture & interior design brands PENSON, has released their first project for Google engineers, in Buckingham Palace Road, London. This first release forms part of PENSON’s overall programme for Google, covering super cool office spaces for Googlers this year at Central Saint Giles & Belgrave House London.

more details at www.dezeen.com


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