Genuine Imitation Nike Air Mag Knockoffs

October 3, 2011
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October 3, 2011 Nick Engvall

Genuine Imitation Nike Air Mag Knockoffs

Late at night when most normal people sleep, I tend to find myself either wandering the streets with a camera, or wandering the internet with the same mentality, looking for something I haven’t seen before. I’ve become fond of the Sneakerpedia site lately, mainly because I can’t actually spend any money on the shoes on the site. Though, it has jogged my memory on a few silhouettes that I am now hunting for, it’s relatively safe on my bank account. Unfortunately this time searching wasn’t safe on my eyes.

Since the Nike Air Mag is the most talked about shoe around lately, we can’t really be surprised that there will be plenty of knockoffs made. There is sure to be fakes around when the shoes sell for thousands of dollars. What I came across tonight was actually worse than a knockoff, it’s these shoes made by European footwear brand Nat-2. Yes, that’s the same Nat-2 you might remember that made the crazy 4-in-1 Transformers shoe. Well, they’re at it again, this time with the “coincidentally” named Nat-2 Future.

Sure, they don’t light up, or lace automatically, or have any connection to Back to the Future, Nike, or the Michael J Fox Foundation, but what they do have is all the style you could imagine in the Air Mag, without the cool or the hype. They do have zippers though, and those are always fun. A vulc sole means these are perfect for hoverboard use, unlike the real deal Air Mag, which just seems to be lacking compared to the Future.

So much more I could say, but I’ll just say I’m sorry.

Genuine Imitation Nike Air Mag: Nat-2 Future the not-so Back to the Future shoes.Genuine Imitation Nike Air Mag: Nat-2 Future "Black Space" the not-so Back to the Future shoes.

Genuine Imitation Nike Air Mag: Nat-2 Future "Metallic Skin" the not-so Back to the Future shoes.

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    NatTwo Footwear

    these shoes were handmade in 2008 (!) as a showpiece for a sneaker exhibition at bread and butter barcelona. not more to say. fyi

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