Perspective is Everything.

August 29, 2011
August 29, 2011 Nick Engvall

Perspective is Everything.

Playing with the camera is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve been thinking about exactly what it is about it that is so intriguing to me. I think it’s because of the way I see things, and see things differently, and see things differently again. Perspective is everything. Yet with a camera, you really have no preset limits to the way you see things.

As people, we perceive things a certain way based on our experiences in life. There are so many ways to see things in life. People come into your life and bring a new perspective, possibly one you haven’t considered. Basically everything in my life has changed in the past month or two. Relationships, living space, job; all the major variables that influence my perspective and choices are now completely different. It’s slowly giving me a new perspective on everything in life, much the way I am able to play with the settings on my camera to get a completely different image without moving the camera.

It’s much like writing, telling a story, talking about a product, a place, a person, whatever it is, can be told in a million different ways, all of which can be amazing, to the right person. But each of us has the things that will appeal to us on different levels. We al see the picture in the post, some people won’t even read this because they don’t like sneakers, some because they don’t like adidas, some because they don’t like Star Wars, and still some because, who am I but someone rambling on the internet.

Find your perspective and you’ll find your amazing.

Amazing is coming for me, I haven’t figured out what it is though, I’m just still playing with the settings. 😉

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Nick Engvall

Nick Engvall is a sneaker enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the footwear business. He has written for publications such as Complex, Sole Collector, and Sneaker News, helped companies like Eastbay, Finish Line, Foot Locker, StockX, and Stadium Goods better connect with their consumers, has an addiction to burritos and Sour Patch Kids, and owns way too many shoes for his own good.

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