You’ve Dreamed of Being One of the Fab Five

August 31, 2010
August 31, 2010 Nick Engvall

You’ve Dreamed of Being One of the Fab Five

It’s funny how things seem to keep reoccurring as you go through life. For most everyone I imagine, it’s understandable how things can come up in situations, like in relationships or in jobs for instance, that seem normal. For some reason, I’ve had dreams that tie closely into real life all of my life. In fact, it was in large part because of a dream I had that I ended up moving to Texas. I’d never seen the Austin skyline in person or even online, but had a dream of a place that I wasn’t familiar with that turned out to be EXACTLY the Austin skyline. I couldn’t really pass up that “sign” no matter how much of a die-hard Californian I am.

So you’re wondering what this has to do with a Chris Webber Fab Five jersey. Well, a couple of nights ago I had a dream I was playing basketball in an unfamiliar place. No, Webber wasn’t in the dream but he has always been one of my favorite players. In fact, probably more so than any other player (sans Michael Jordan) because when I was in fifth and sixth grade, my teacher Mr. Moulton, gave me a copy of High School Sports Magazine. On the cover, was an unknown player to me, sporting the Bell Biv DeVoe-like high top fade, Webber was featured on the cover because he had just scored 63 points while playing for Detroit Country Day. This is about 90-91 so the combination of the –at the time, keep in mind this is when the Poison cassette was getting played so much it got stretched out and stuck in my Sony Walkman– hair and skills were all I needed to know he was cool in my book.

When he hit Michigan, the style was everything I was looking for. From the baggie jerseys and shorts to the black socks under their Air Unlimited Nikes to the deserved arrogance that they played with. I dreamed of being one of the Fab Five. Back in those days, the greatest shoes of all time came out too, the Original Air Carnivore, Air Maestro, Air Lambaste, Air Raid and the Air Go LWP that is now making a comeback in retro form.

Webber went to the Warriors in the 93 NBA Draft, I became a slight Warriors fan for a short time. Then went to Washington and ads like the Nike Fab Five advertisement below started popping up in the magazines I was reading, furthering my fan dedication to C-Webb. Then in 1998, he was traded to the Kings. It was tough to see Mitch Richmond and the best PE Jordans to ever be created be sent away, but as a long-time C-Webb fan I was excited to see him come to Sacramento.

So how does the dream that I had a couple of days ago tie into this whole thing? Well, while Webber wasn’t in the dream, the team I was playing for was coached by none other than Steve Fisher. Yeah…how random is that… I’ll try and grab the High School Sports Magazine, but I couldn’t help to think of the ad below when I woke up, so I had to find it. Maybe it’s another sign; I’ll be on the lookout for C-Webb, the Fab Five, Rob Pelinka and Steve Fisher for the next few weeks.

Chris Webber Michigan Fab Five Nike Advertisement

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