April 22, 2010 Nick Engvall

Marketing At Its Best: A Clear Car

Aaron (F5toRefresh) put me onto this commercial from Shell. The concept is simple, the execution probably couldn’t be more complicated. How a team of designers goes about creating an entire car out of glass to show the inner workings of the car’s engine is beyond me. This is something I have always wanted to see. In fact for the 10-20 minutes that I have taken to watch the videos a few times, I actually don’t mind paying the outrageous gas prices. At least with something like this to watch, I know the money went to something tangible (is a viral video tangible? Forgive me, it’s late).

Maybe I’ll make it a habit to watch this video before filling up, then I know that a handful of designers are benefiting from my empty pockets. I wish it was that easy to fool myself into things. It would make my life much easier if I could.

Sorry for the rant. Check out the videos. What better way to market a product that goes unseen than to show exactly how it functions. I won’t forget, will you?

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