Nikon D200 Photography Practice

April 16, 2010 Nick Engvall

Nikon D200 Photography Practice

Hung out with Errol and Aaron tonight and after some good food from Harry’s Hof Brau we decided to play around with the cameras. Since we all use a Nikon it was cool to switch up lenses and get a feel for the different styles. I really enjoy taking pictures but it’s a steep learning curve using the D200. Especially considering the only other cameras I have used are the Nikon E-995 and various other point and shoot cameras.

Nonetheless, we had some fun with the Sole Collector x Nike Trainer 1, and of course when you’re at Errol’s with a camera, it’s impossible to not take pictures of Freddie. Once I get the hang of the camera, I’ll master Photoshop and/or Aperture, it seems to be a good alternative. We did a lot of adjusting the flash and lighting, and my shaky hands didn’t fare well at holding the camera steady. Overall it was fun and a good learning experience. Definitely a lot of room for improvement. It would be nice to have a studio one day. Very nice.

Check out a few of the pictures I ended up with…

nikon-lensesfreddieFreddie looking like he is up to no good.

Sole Collector x Nike Trainer 1I like this one, but the background annoys me.



Sole Collector x Nike Trainer 1

Sole Collector x Nike Trainer 1

Sole Collector x Nike Trainer 1

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