New Project: Let’s Go Racing!

January 27, 2010 Nick Engvall

New Project: Let’s Go Racing!

So this is long overdue. Although we’ve started this project a number of times without getting very far, each time we’ve come a little bit closer, learning and adding valuable experiences to our list of to-dos and not-to-dos. Last summer my brother went through performance driving school and is now ready to race competitively. The only things missing are a team and a car. We’ve been into road racing for years. American Le Mans is probably our top choice (haven’t missed a single race in California in the last eight years), although we haven’t experienced Formula 1 in person so that’s up for debate. Although the multiple classes running at the same time is probably the one thing that I feel puts Le Mans racing above the rest, it makes it exciting.

As Honda/Acura fans since we were youngsters in the back seat strapped into the back of our parents’ Honda Civic CVCC, we’ve been hooked on the gas efficient and superb handling for as long as I can remember (I’ve owned 10 different Hondas/Acuras myself). Thus, the goal is Honda Challenge. It combines the cars we love with the mixed classes of racing that we love about ALMS. Our other brother will be coming out from Colorado in the coming weeks, and we’ve acquired a 1991 CRX SI. So all the experience from track days and autocross events will soon be taken to the next level.

As of right now, it’s a long way from seeing any track time but it is the best platform we’ve had to start with so far. The car is already equipped with a full roll cage that passes tech inspection. It has an SI motor in it that will be used for the first season, and then we’ll re-evaluate from there. We’re looking into trailers now, and I’ll be looking for a 2001-2003 Chevy to use for towing purposes also. Pretty exciting stuff! Things seem to be coming together nicely so far! We have a couple of early sketches of what the graphics on the cars will look like, more to come in the future.

We’re looking for sponsors of all types, so if you’re looking for a way to reach customers in an innovative and professional manner, email me for more information sactownxsi [@]


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