January 16, 2010 Nick Engvall

What’s Wrong With ESPN?

I usually try not to complain in life, but feeling under the weather has me needing to vent about ESPN or maybe Comcast. I haven’t felt sick in quite some time, but today I had to rest up because a cough and sore throat is attempting to get the best of me. Looking at the college hoops schedule, I was actually looking forward to a day on the couch. Almost every team in the top 25 had games scheduled today. There was a handful of conference rivalries that were set to be great games that I was really looking forward to watching. The Big 12 had Texas vs Texas A&M, the Kentucky  and Auburn rivalry is always fun to watch, Syracuse and West Virginia in the Big East, and I haven’t even made it out of the top 5 yet. Not mention the somewhat lackluster ACC had a Georgia Tech and North Carolina also scheduled to battle today.

So which game did I watch? None of the above. Instead, ESPN or Comcast, decided to show high school basketball. There was other lower ranked games on, but for some reason, contrary to what the ESPN website had listed on their schedule. I’m not going to consider ESPNU and ESPN 360 as reasonable options, when at least. Now, I know that Oak Hill Academy may as well be college ball, but seriously, let these kids grow up before they are put on national TV. It’s bad enough that 95% of them feel entitled before they even complete a year of college ball.

Do I have reason to disappointed that I didn’t get to see any of the games? I guess I could have tried streaming the games online, but the quality (or the size obviously) is never that of the TV. I know I’m not the only one that experienced this, I’ve seen numerous people complaining this year about a lack of excitement around college basketball this year. Looking at the few games I listed, the games went down to the wire, even the #1 ranked Texas versus un-ranked Texas A & M went into overtime! Maybe it’s not that college basketball has lost excitement this year, maybe our trusted media coverage simply has their camera pointed in the wrong direction trying to make sure they have coverage of the next LeBron James. At least I can watch the highlights over and over again on Sportscenter.

*stepping off the soapbox now*


Nick Engvall

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