December 13, 2009 Nick Engvall

Google Chrome – Just Some Thoughts

I’ve been using Google Chrome for about a week now. I had downloaded it before but never really used it after the initial 15 minute run. I’m not sure how many updates there has been since then, but this time around I thought that I’d actually give a longer go at it.

I’ve used Firefox almost exclusively for a couple years, with the exception of the occasional testing of web layouts and functionality in IE. Chrome is nice. It is simple, and in a lot of ways a slight improvement to the way Firefox works. I thought everything was cool until I viewed my website, which for some reason doesn’t show any of my content. Weird. Overall it’s a solid browser, and if you’re not worried about Google taking over the world, I would suggest giving it a try for a couple days at least. For me it’s filling a much needed void, the ability to be logged in on two Gmail accounts at the same time, one in Chrome, and one in Firefox. I’ve tried a couple of Firefox plugins that promised to do this, but they weren’t really convenient. If Chrome had all the browser plugins I currently use on Firefox, it’d likely already be my default browser.

Now hopefully I can straighten out my content issue.


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