September 7, 2009 Nick Engvall


As I passed by one of those “monumental” ages last month, I can’t help but play up the age card any chance I get lately. I’ve definitely fell short of some of my own expectations, but I like to believe I’m a late bloomer. Either way I am definitely an underachiever. I’ve come to realize that enjoying life and squeezing as many smiles as I can into a day is more my style. If I was to do it all over, I’d take the approach of   “Lil Sean” Richany, who is only 13! Seriously, watch this two and a half minute video, enjoy the Jay-Z track that’s overlayed, and be mesmerized. What did you do at age 13?

This video motivates me to get back to work on my old school bmx build, as if I need any more help remaining forever young!


Nick Engvall

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