July 20, 2009 Nick Engvall

Social Media Marketing Once Again

Viral videos (or poor attempts) on the internet seem to be a dime a dozen, most of us can’t open our inbox without having one forwarded to us. Usually it has a string of addresses attached to it that lead to an unknown production company, likely consisting of one or two dudes high off of “life.” I know I am stereotyping, and it’s not that these types can’t produce a nice video. There is just something to be said about the quality of these latest videos to have crossed my internet path. Taking into account that both of these skateboarders are easily marketable, these two videos are definitely raising the bar, without being completely “groundbreaking” in anyway.

*Side note* Stevie Williams is the man for being able to skate in any shoe, Forces, Jordans, it doesn’t matter. I’m happy to admit my inabilities on the grip tape, even in a Vulcanized sole. Can we get a DGK x Jordan 1?

*Side Note #2* I wish I could get in to the whole G-Shock craze, but I’d rather have a nice classy watch or no watch at all.

Not only is this video funny, Ice Cube’s “It was a Good Day” is one of my favorites. (See the breakdown for a good day…Ice Cube It Was a Good Day) P-Rod is also doing it big and the combination of these to “street” legends is ingenious.

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