June 9, 2009 Nick Engvall

Something in the Water?

Though life has been somewhat “normal” for the last few weeks, some crazy stuff has been going on with me for some reason. I mentioned my dreams keeping me up at night recently, but it has been more than just that. Perhaps it IS something in the water.

Sleep has been difficult to come by, but aside from that I have been feeling stressed, tense, even waking up with pain in my back and neck. It has been about a week or more of the same. Though the last couple days it has been much better, it is rather annoying. At first I thought it was because I had got thrown off my habits of hitting the gym regularly, but now I am back to running regularly and the overall feeling of “ugghh” is still persistent. What could it be you ask?

I know, but if I told you then I would have to kill you, and my readers are few and far between so I can’t afford to do that. I’ll just say that the battle between your heart and your head is by far the most difficult you will encounter in this lifetime. However, it is a battle that I will NEVER give up on.

Ironically, well actually…probably not, I cannot seem to stop listening to Ray LaMontagne as of late. Just a thought.

Also what’s with my horoscope suggesting I walk on water for charity? Sounds like a great idea for an song album title.

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Nick Engvall

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