January 14, 2009 Nick Engvall

2009 Resolutions…

Since the first of the year, I’ve started eating better, not by any means good…yet, but definitely better. I’ve cut two important things out of my diet… soda, and 20,000 calorie coffee drinks. I still drink regular coffee daily, that will probably never change. I have on multiple occasions turned down FREE Starbucks already though, opting for the regular brewed coffee.

I’ve also started to hit the gym again… it’s amazing how that feels when you haven’t gone regularly. I keep telling myself its a good pain 😉

I’ve also obviously been working on this new blog, as well as the Tuning Garage site.

I will be moving the posts from the old blog over as time allows me too. There is couple reasons, for one Nick Engvall will be the name I go by on all of my ventures, secondly wordpress allows me to customize a little better than blogspot, and thirdly SEO!!!

Differently the same…

Nick Engvall

Student of Life.

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  1. Nice resolutions. I’ve been without soda or energy drinks for 6 weeks now. Only 46 more to go.
    I should have resolved to ride my longboards at least 4 times a week starting March (Once the weather improves). Oh wait I still can.
    Good post!

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