May 30, 2008 Nick Engvall

I am feeling this more than anything I’ve ever wrote…

Times like these that I feel so low,
that give me the indelible details of my soul.
I move past them, sometimes slow,
but surely, as I learn to grow.

Just like a child, I’ve got growing pains,
but emotional ones, with much more gain.
I let it out with a spiritual scream,
and God puts me back on track towards my dreams.

A little time with mother earth,
reminds me of a new birth,
just like her my weakness bubbles up to become solid ground,
finally seems some clarity I have found.

This larger, stronger foundation has formed,
and God has told me, I’ve been warned,
if I don’t step up to take the lead,
then those all around me may never know what life means.

If the goosebumps on my arms don’t show that he’s speaking right through me,
then tell me what it takes to make you agree…

Nick Engvall

Student of Life.

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