May 29, 2008 Nick Engvall

Golden Hills…

Golden hills, and Simpsons clouds,
windows down and I’m singing out loud.
The California hills roll right along with me,
probably all wondering what I’ll come to be.

The bluest of skies,
reflecting in shades just like my eyes.
Fluffy white clouds like cotton balls,
not a hint of rainfall.
The sun is shining bright,
slowly setting to my right.

A smile from a stranger reminds me why I’m here…
Love my neighbor and spread a little cheer.
I’ve been lost in myself, lost in no wealth.
I’ve really got it made, I’m blessed with love and health.

Sometimes I need to take drive,
these roads somehow revive,
my self consuming mind,
that keeps stealing all my time.

Nick Engvall

Student of Life.

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